JMA Weeklies: Hottest Of The Summer Is Behind Us…

The new JMA Weeklies are in and highlighted by the following:

  • An unseasonably cool close to July
  • Worst of the summer heat is behind us
  • Warmest anomalies along the East and West Coasts

Week 1:

A trough will sink into the central and eastern portions of the country and result in rather widespread below normal and quite refreshing conditions as we close the month of July.  Along with the cool, dry air will come an extended stretch of rain-free conditions through the latter portions of next week.

Week 2:

The JMA suggests the mean trough position will remain across the central portions of the country with signals of ridging developing along the Northwest coast.  Cool, wet weather (compared to average) is forecast central as the heat continues across the West.  We also note developing warmth across the Northeast region.

Weeks 3-4:

Seasonal temperatures are set to unfold across the central late August with warmest anomalies painting themselves across the Northeast and Northwest portions of the country.  The pattern, locally, is set to become more active from a precipitation perspective as wet conditions return.