Pleasant Stretch Continues For Now…

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.10.52 PMHighlights:

  • Dry, warm days continue
  • Friday cold front
  • Ups and downs of fall

Some mid and high level cloudiness will drift across the Mid West today and a sprinkle or two is possible, but filtered sunshine can also be expected after AM fog burns off.  We’ll return to warm, sunny days and clear, cool nights tomorrow and Thursday and this will combine with the unseasonable chill of last weekend to continue putting the color change into high gear across central IN.  BTW- the upcoming weekend should be fantastic for an autumn drive to take in the fall foliage.

A cold front will approach the region late Thursday and we bracket Thursday evening into Friday morning for the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Cooler air will filter into the area as we head into the weekend.

The “ups and downs” of fall will continue next week as warmth arrives early in the week before cooler chances once again prevail later in the week….

Upcoming 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.10″ – 0.25″

Weekly Highlights: Action Out West…

Highlights10051011There’s a whole slew of new products we’re going to start rolling out over the next several weeks, including more videos, as well. One of the new features is a nationwide weekly highlight map, helping showcase the big-ticket weather items that have our attention over the upcoming week. While we could side with going with fancy graphics, we chose to go the route of a hand drawn map for old time sakes. :-) This will be posted on Sunday or Monday of each week.

1.)  The upper low associated with the catastrophic flooding in SC will continue to slowly pull away from the area as we progress into Tuesday.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with the fine folks of South Carolina as recovery and clean up begins.  Hard to believe areas of SC were in a significant drought as soon as last week.  Those exact same areas have received as much as 25″-30″ of rain over the past 72 hours.  Simply amazing stuff.

2.)  A series of storm systems will clip the Pacific Northwest with heavy rain and wind as the week progresses- particularly mid week into the weekend.

3.)  A storm system and significant moisture will move through the Four Corners region and into western Texas Wednesday into the weekend.  Heavy rain and localized flooding will result.

4.)  A cold front will move through the Mid West later this week with showers and embedded thunder, along with cooler air for the weekend.

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Monday Weather Notebook…

October has started off on a dry, cool note. Note the 200%+ anomalies along the eastern seaboard in association with the Nor Easter.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the fine folks of SC as they continue to deal with flooding this morning associated with the upper low. It’s been a devastating couple days for SC, including some rainfall totals over 25″!!


High pressure will remain in firm control of our weather for the large majority of the work week before giving way to a cold front Thursday night-Friday. The end result will be an extended stretch of sunny, warm days and clear, cool nights. This, combined with the cool of the weekend will really get the autumn color show kicked into high gear this week.



Showers and embedded thunder will move through Friday with the cold front, along with cooler air. High pressure builds back in Saturday.




Cold, Raw Saturday; Sunday Rebound…

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.24.21 PMHighlights:

  • Windy, wet, and cold Saturday
  • Much better Sunday
  • Pleasant week upcoming

A widespread area of light to moderate rain encompasses central IN as we type this.  It’s a chilly night across the region with temperatures around 50 and northeast winds gusting over 30 MPH.    Unfortunately, we don’t have better news Saturday as winds remain strong and gusty and another push of moisture arrives from the east Saturday afternoon.  Rain amounts won’t be significant, but serve as a great big nuisance when you factor in all of the elements (rain, wind, and unseasonably cool air).  Jackets, coats, and sweaters will be required Saturday.

Thankfully, we’ll salvage a much better second half of the weekend as drier (and warmer) air arrives on the scene.  The other bit of good news?  Significantly diminished winds.

Much of the upcoming work week will provide dry and pleasant weather across the area- perfect for #Harvest15!  Enjoy!

Upcoming 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.10-0.25″

Wind And Cool Air The Big Story Here…

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.22.27 PMHighlights:

  • Clouds and wind increases Friday
  • Windy, chilly, showery Saturday
  • Brighter days ahead with warmer temperatures

Hurricane Joaquin remains at the top of many weather headlines, and rightfully so.  Currently a category 4 hurricane, Joaquin is nearly stationary in the Bahamas this evening and presenting problems on many fronts (storm surge, wind, flooding).  Eventually Joaquin will make a northward turn and begin to pick up momentum Friday night and Saturday.  Today’s model guidance remains firm on the idea Joaquin will remain off shore from the US mainland, but we’ll need to continue to keep a close eye on things.

Here on the home front, the combination of the high to our northeast and upper low across the southeast will really serve to tighten the pressure gradient and result in strong east and northeast winds as we wrap up the work week and head into the weekend.  Gusts of 30-40 MPH will be a good bet.

Clouds will be on the increase Friday with the possibility of PM showers- particularly east and southeast.  It’ll be a cool day, but nothing compared to Saturday.  Expect better coverage of showers Saturday, continued gusty winds, and even cooler air.

Brighter (and warmer) times will begin to return to wrap up the weekend and head into next week.

Upcoming 7-day Rainfall Forecast: 0.10″ (NW) – 0.50″ (SE)

Thursday Weather Notebook…

Good morning and happy Thursday! Your updated 7-day will arrive on-site this evening.

Major hurricane Joaquin remains the big focal item across the weather community this morning, but there’ve been some changes in model data from overnight. Will the European reign supreme? (Once again)? If trends from overnight continue, you better believe it, as most all data has shifted east. Now, we caution it’s far too early to breath easy along the eastern seaboard, as the impacts of a Nor Easter in advance of potential impacts from Joaquin will be felt in a significant way.

As mentioned above, Joaquin is a category 3 hurricane with 120 mph winds this morning and a central pressure at 948mb. Additional strengthening into a category 4 is a good bet today.



Data has trended more in the direction of the European (it was the Euro against the world up until yesterday in terms of keeping Joaquin out to sea) overnight in terms of the eventual track of Joaquin. 

Btw- the latest Euro remains bullish on that idea. 

Back here on the home front, we still forecast a cool, windy, and showery weekend ahead. The pressure gradient between the high to the north and upper low to the south will really aid in cranking northeast winds with gusts between 30-40 MPH Friday and Saturday. 

We’ll keep mention of “showery” weather in our forecast beginning Friday and continuing Saturday, but the big story will be the unseasonably cool air and strong winds. 


Times, They Are A Changing…

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.14.53 AMHighlights:

  • Much cooler and breezy for mid week
  • Windy, chilly, and wet end to the week
  • Drier early next week

A complicated series of events will lead to a memorable week/ weekend of weather along the eastern seaboard.  Between the cold front that moved through here last night, Joaquin (well on it’s way to becoming a hurricane this morning), and energy that moved out of the Gulf of Mexico, the eastern seaboard is in for a major flood event, and long duration wind/ beach erosion event.

Before we discuss potential impacts closer to home, let’s talk the short term.  Showers will continue to push south this morning and a dry, breezy, and cooler day is coming.  Thursday will be breezy and cool, but dry also.

It’s when we get to the weekend that things begin to shift.  We know windy and chilly conditions are a given this weekend (you can take that to the bank).  We caution that much fine tuning will be required as we progress through the next couple days in regards to rainfall.  Here’s our best stab as of this morning.

1.) Showers pinwheel west Friday afternoon and evening as east winds strengthen- gusts 25-30 MPH.

2.) Steadier rains fall Saturday and Sunday with east and northeast winds gusting to 30-40 MPH.

3.) Steady rains diminish and give way to scattered showers Monday before we’re back to dry weather Tuesday.  Winds also begin to diminish during this period, but gusts to 20-30 MPH are still possible Monday out of the north.

Stay tuned, as the rainfall forecast is still up for much debate and will have to be fine tuned.

Upcoming 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.25″ – 0.75″

Windy And MUCH Cooler; What About Rain Chances?

All eyes remain focused on Joaquin this evening and the eventual impacts dealt to the eastern seaboard, and, at least indirectly, back into the Ohio Valley. 

Latest satellite imagery this evening shows that Joaquin sure appears to be intensifying and we wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking at a hurricane in the making tonight.

A very complex weather situation will unfold to deliver flooding rains, beach erosion, and very windy conditions up and down the eastern seaboard well in advance of Joaquin. Friends and family out east should plan and prepare now for significant impacts into the weekend. It should be noted that we’re a long ways off from being able to lock into a precise track and potential landfall with Joaquin.

Back here on the home front the indirect impacts of this complex situation are locked in on a very windy and chilly late week and weekend. Note the tightening pressure gradient as we progress into the weekend. Strong northeast gusts of 35+ MPH will be likely by late week.






Temperatures will run well below normal values through the period. Jackets and sweat shirts will certainly be required. Anyone planning on chili in the crockpot this weekend?

We also need to closely monitor the goings on over the next couple days to determine rain chances that may “back in” to the region from the east Saturday into Sunday. When compared with the chilly and windy conditions, rain potential is a much lower confidence forecast at this juncture. Stay tuned.


Rain Today; Windy And Much Cooler Times Ahead…

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.04.40 AMHighlights:

  • Rainy weather today
  • Much cooler conditions coming
  • Prolonged stretch of strong winds

The region will be under a squeeze play of sorts today as tropical moisture continues to lift north from the Gulf Coast and a cold front approaches from the northwest.  The end result will be for an expanding shield of rain to encompass a large portion of central IN as the day progresses.  Heaviest rainfall is still expected downstate, but there will also be some localized heavier totals across central IN, as well.  This, of course, is much needed.

The cold front will pass tonight and shut off any threat of rain.  The big story will become the much cooler air mass settling into the region for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, factor in the goings on along the eastern seaboard with an area of high pressure building in from the north and very windy conditions can be expected as we move through late week into the weekend.  Strong and gusty northeast winds will be very persistent, with gusts up to 30 MPH at times.

We’ll continue to keep close tabs along the happenings along the eastern seaboard late in the period.  As of now we think high pressure should keep us dry and cool, but stay tuned.

Upcoming 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.50″-1″