About IndyWx.com LLC

IndyWx.com LLC specializes in short and long range seasonal forecasts for central IN, placing a special emphasis on winter weather.  An East Tennessee State University graduate, Bill McMillan is the owner and Chief Weatherman of IndyWx.com.

HeadShotMr. McMillan has over a decade of covering Mother Nature’s fury, with forecasting experience that includes the beautiful east Tennessee mountains, the Rocky Mountains of Summit County, CO, and central Indiana.  The style of weather information we produce will not be limited to just the forecast, but in depth weather discussions, mid and long range weather outlooks, weather photos, and “why the weather is what it is.” Thus, our slogan “Indy’s Behind The Scenes Weather.”

Interested in personal weather consulting, detailed snow removal forecasts, or mid and long range ag forecasts?

Email us: bill@indywx.com

Listen to Bill McMillan on 93.1 WIBC with Ray Steele

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Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.52.12 PMJoe Reedy joined IndyWx.com in February of 2016.  Joe became fascinated with the weather at a young age- during the 1993 blizzard to be exact.  Joe most recently served as the Chief Meteorologist for ABC 19 News in Kingsport, TN from 2012-2016.

Mr. Reedy is a graduate of Lyndon State College, (L.S.C.).  Lyndon State is located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and has been named the number one college for both broadcasting and meteorology students. During Joe’s career at Lyndon State, he was an active member of the Lyndon State College AMS & NWA and served as the 06′-07′ Community Outreach Officer, which is responsible for organizing the largest student-run conference, the annual Northeastern Storm Conference.  Joe is honored to be back on the ‘original weather team’ and to give you a dependable forecast with “Indy’s Behind The Scenes Weather.”

Joe enjoys forecasting the weather and keeping ahead of Mother Nature’s fury, especially during the winter months when it can often be a fun challenge. He likes to pinpoint areas he may think might be under the gun. As for “The Team”, Joe tends to bring a lighter, more comic side to the site, while Bill gets “heated” on the talk of Global Warming… When Joe isn’t chasing a thunderstorm / snowstorm, he enjoys being in the great outdoors and hiking the Great Smoky Mountains.