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Stormy Times Later Tonight/ Early Thursday; Much Colder To Close The Week…

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.39.34 AMBusy Times Continue…After an initial round of rain and embedded thunder moved through the region overnight and early this morning, most of today will be very quiet.  Look for a gusty southwest wind and increasing sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours.

Rain and storm chances will ramp up as we head into the nighttime hours and overnight.  A period of heavy rain and noisy thunderstorms will rumble through central Indiana after midnight into the pre dawn hours Thursday.  Additional rainfall of 1″ is a good bet tonight/ early Thursday.

MUCH colder air will quickly sweep into the region Thursday and could even allow some of the back end rain to switch to some wet snow before ending across north and northeastern portions of the area.  This won’t accumulate.

We’ll wrap the week up on a cold and wintry note.  Scattered snow showers and well below normal temperatures can be expected Friday, with dry and cold conditions Saturday.

The next weather maker will blow through Sunday in the form of a warm front.  This will spark a few showers Sunday afternoon and evening along with providing a warmer time of things early next week.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 1.00″ – 1.25″
  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: Trace

Not A Bad Weekend Coming…

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.57.20 PMIncreasing Sunshine…Early clouds and left over light rain will give way to afternoon sunshine Friday.  All in all, a nice weekend is on the way!  We can expect a sunny, mild, and breezy Saturday, but colder conditions await for the second half of the weekend.  A dry cold front will sweep the state Saturday night and usher in a chilly Sunday.

A weak weather maker will scoot across the region Monday with a light rain or light snow shower and reinforcing chilly air.

Looking ahead, a cold front will take aim on the region Wednesday and we may be able to introduce just enough instability to promote an embedded thunderstorm as the boundary sweeps through the state.  Cooler, showery weather can be expected Thursday.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.50″ – 1.00″
  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: Trace

3/18/15 Ag Weather Report

A weak weather maker will impact Indiana and the Ohio Valley Thursday, especially during the afternoon into the overnight. Precipitation will be relatively light with most amounts around one tenth of an inch, or less.  Note the light precipitation moving through the region Thursday with time stamps below of 7p Thursday and 1a Friday.  Wet snow will mix in with the rain over northeastern IN tomorrow night.

















A more active week is ahead, with a couple storm systems to track.  Note forecast precipitation amounts increase from week 1 to week 2.
















Heaviest rains target the lower Ohio Valley and Tennessee Valley week 1 before shifting north week 2.  The heavy precipitation axis points a finger from OK and AR through MO and IL, northern IN, and MI week 2.

Some of this heavier rain is just what the Doctor ordered for areas beginning to reflect abnormally dry conditions and/ or drought.


20150310_midwest_noneWe track a weak, but cold system early next week that could deliver a touch of light wet snow Monday.  The GFS led the way on this, but the European and Canadian have jumped on board with today’s runs.









Another (stronger) storm system is in the offing later next week.  This should be the one that delivers heavy rains from the mid south on northeast.









Looking ahead towards late month into early April, temperatures will reflect the normal “roller coaster” regime for this time of year; however biased colder than normal.  Note the excellent model consensus on the colder than average regime.


















Quiet Weather Pattern, But Cooler…

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.56.35 PMCooler, But Dry Pattern…Monday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Unfortunately those picture-perfect conditions won’t last as a dry cold front passes early Tuesday.  This will usher in a cooler and breezy St. Patrick’s Day, but nothing too terribly cold.  Dry and chilly conditions remain Wednesday.

A southern storm system will draw close enough Thursday to increase our cloud cover along with a sprinkle or light shower.  This won’t be a big deal.

The next item of note will be another mostly dry frontal passage Saturday night.  Enough southerly flow will be in place Saturday to send temperatures into the lower 60s before the much colder air arrives Saturday night.  This will set us up for a cold second half of the weekend.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: Trace to less than 0.10″
  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: 0.00″

Warm Today; Cooler St. Patrick’s Day…

For the first time since October, temperatures will make a push into the lower 70s. That will certainly help if you have a case of the Mondays!

A cold front will move through the region late tonight and usher in a cooler St. Patrick’s Day. The front should come through mostly dry, but a few sprinkles will be possible late tonight and Tuesday morning. Winds will also be gusty. Here’s a look at Tuesday afternoon temperatures. 

Lows Wednesday morning will slip into the middle to upper 20s with frost. 

Beautiful Weather!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.58.50 AMSun-filled Couple Days…We’re in position for an absolutely beautiful couple days- complete with lots of sunshine and above normal temperatures!  After the frosty start to the morning, temperatures will zoom into the lower 60s this afternoon.  We’ll beat that Monday with a push for 70!  Enjoy, my friends!

A dry cold front will sweep through the region Monday night and set up a colder mid week period.

A weak weather system may deliver light rain to the region Thursday.  We’re not buying the snowy European model solution Thursday for now.

As we move into next weekend, modeling couldn’t disagree more on the outcome.  Some solutions are very cold while others are warm.  For now we’ll split the difference, leaning a little more towards the cold solution as the trough should strengthen next weekend over the Ohio Valley.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 0.10″
  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: 0.00″

Brighter Days Ahead And Spring-Like Air!

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 8.00.17 AM
Much Needed Vitamin D…After a cloudy, rainy, and gloomy Tuesday, we’ll welcome the sunshine with open arms today and Thursday.  Before we talk about the brighter times ahead, beware of areas of dense fog remaining in place through about the lunch hour.  The combination of a wet ground and overnight clearing led to rather widespread dense fog across the region.  Eventually, the high March sun angle should lead to increasing sunshine as we progress through the day Wednesday.  Thursday will feature lots of sunshine.  Both days will be unseasonably mild, though today’s high will be largely dependent on just how soon we clear things out.

Another slug of Gulf of Mexico moisture will move north and impact the region to wrap up the work week.  Widespread significant rainfall is a good bet Friday into the first half of Saturday.

The weekend won’t be a total washout as sunshine returns Sunday.  Temperatures will remain mild!

Another push of resurgent warmth can be expected Monday as highs zoom into the lower 60s with a southwest flow in place before a dry cold front passes through here Monday night/ Tuesday.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 1.00″ – 1.50″
  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: 0.00″

Spring Fling!

A true taste of spring weather is on the way for the middle of the week as highs zoom to around 60° (give or take a few degrees) for many. Likewise, we’ll probably make another push for 60° early next week after what will be a rainy and colder late week stretch. 

After a very cold winter highs even near average, such as the past few days, feel incredible! By mid week, we’ll be well above normal. The GFS ensembles depict this nicely.

You knew there was a “but” coming, however…

Indications continue to point towards a colder pattern returning after the 20th and continuing to close out the month. 

Note the building western ridge, plenty capable of tapping late season arctic cold and shunting it south in relatively quick fashion. 

Initially it appears as if the heart of the cold will attack the Northeast region, but likely spread west with time, likely engulfing our region after the 20th. 

Additionally, there are some indications we may see a southern branch system that could deliver rather unpleasant weather conditions around this time frame, too. Whether this is rain or a more wintry form of precipitation is, obviously, far too early to say with any certainty. 

One more item, as mentioned previously, keep a close eye on those teleconnections. The AO is trying to go into a free fall later this month…

Milder Air And Rain…

Forecast models are coming around to a more aggressive, wetter, solution for Tuesday. As such, we’ll hit the rain a little harder in our forecast. Anticipate a wet afternoon, especially over the southern half of the state. Here’s what the radar may look like early Tuesday afternoon:

We still expect a quiet and very mild stretch of weather Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be highly dependent upon cloud cover, but we run the chance of getting close to 60° Wednesday and into the lower 60s Thursday. Talk about feeling nice!

A bigger rain maker will push in here to close the week. The Gulf connection means locally heavy rainfall totals in excess of 1″ will be a good bet Friday into early Saturday. 

Relatively Quiet Week Until Late In The Period…

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.18.35 AMMostly Quiet Weather For Now…A weak weather system will once again scoot by to our north later today. While this may increase our cloud cover this afternoon and evening, most, if not all, of the precipitation should remain north of our immediate region.  Best chances of seeing a light shower later today will be across the northern third of the state.  We’re back to sunshine Monday!

The first of two weather systems will impact the state Tuesday.  We’ll introduce the chance of a shower across central Indiana, but most of the area will be dry.  More widespread rains will fall across southern and southeastern portions of the state.

The story for mid week remains the delightful weather conditions- dry, sunny, and mild!  We’ll gladly welcome 55-60 temperatures Wednesday and Thursday!

A significant storm system will lift north out of the Gulf of Mexico late week and deliver widespread moderate to heavy rains Friday into Saturday.  Heavy rain is likely to close the week, but model data differs on just how fast the rain will diminish as we move into the weekend.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • 7-Day Snowfall Forecast: 0.00″
  • 7-Day Rainfall Forecast: 1.00″ – 1.50″