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  • A Cold Halloween On Tap…


    • Cold and blustery Halloween
    • Unsettled, milder weather builds in
    • Stronger cold front arrives early next week

    Spooky Winds…Northerly breezes are strong and gusty and leading to wind chills in the lower-middle 20s across central Indiana this morning.  Heavier winter coats will be a smart choice out the door!  Otherwise, we’re a state divided from a cloud perspective: the southern half of Indiana will get in on the sunny act much sooner than the northern half of the state.  As we look towards the all-important trick-or-treat weather tonight, anticipate dry conditions, lighter winds, and unseasonably chilly conditions continuing.

    Our next storm system will approach Wednesday with showers.  Rain may be mixed with wet snow or sleet Wednesday morning, but with temperatures above freezing, don’t look for any accumulation.  Periods of showers and light rain will continue Thursday into Friday morning.  Heavy rain won’t occur, but it’ll be damp at times.  Saturday is a bit tricky- some solutions keep rain around, but we’re choosing the more “optimistic” approach for the purpose of this forecast update.  Stay tuned.

    Saturday will feature considerable cloudiness, slightly cooler air, and breezy conditions before a warmer close to the weekend.  A southwesterly flow will help boost highs into the upper 60s Sunday afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front.  That cold front will slide through here with showers and a couple claps of thunder Monday.  Much colder air returns Monday night into Tuesday.

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: Trace
    • Rainfall: 0.50″ – 1.00″

  • Cold Turn After A Warm Month; Unsettled Week Ahead…

    The past (7) days has featured a cold turn through the central in the face of a warm October up to this point.

    The upcoming few days will feature additional unseasonably chilly conditions before moderating through the second half of the week.

    This will feature a hard freeze for central Indiana tonight.  We dipped to the first 32° temperature of the season here at IndyWx.com HQ this morning and will likely beat that Halloween morning.  Widespread upper 20s to around 30° can be expected.

    This cold air is thanks to a cold front and reinforcing chill that will feature a band of showers that scoots through the state late morning into the early afternoon.

    Rainfall amounts won’t be significant and feature totals between 0.10″ to 0.20″ through most of central Indiana.

    Unsettled weather will return late week and through the upcoming weekend, but temperatures will moderate and return to levels that are above average.  There are indications cold will push again in the 8-10 day period, but a warmer pattern will engulf our region during the medium range period and feature temperatures that will reach the 60s by Thursday and Friday.

    The warmer conditions will also come with rain.  A “wavy” cold front will approach late week with showers before returning north as a warm front late in the weekend.  Finally, this frontal boundary will push southeast early next week with cold air returning.  With the movement and stubborn nature of the front, expect a prolonged duration of unsettled conditions.  It won’t rain the entire time, but we’ll keep showers in our forecast beginning Wednesday into the weekend.

  • Late Day Sunshine; Cold Conditions Continue For Halloween…


    • Late day sunshine
    • Reinforcing chill blows in for Halloween
    • Temperatures moderate, but rain returns

    Warm Costumes Needed This Year…Low level cloudiness blankets the state this morning, but we should see them scour out enough to let sunshine into the picture before we wrap up the weekend.  That sunshine won’t stick around long as reinforcing chilly air blows into town to open the new work week.  While a shower could accompany the new blast of chill, most of Monday will be rain-free.  We’ll notice an increasingly gusty breeze through the day.

    Halloween will be dominated by clouds, but the day should be dry, including the all-important stretch Tuesday evening for that trick-or-treating.  Bundle up as temperatures will continue to run much colder than average.

    A milder southwesterly air flow will dominate our mid and late week weather and while this will result in moderating temperatures, it’ll also help increase rain chances during the period.  While it won’t rain the entire time, individual disturbances will result in periods of showers Wednesday through Saturday.

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: 0.00″
    • Rainfall:  0.50″ – 0.75″

  • Feeling More Like Winter Than Autumn…


    • Cold pattern
    • Showers give way to scattered snow flurries Saturday
    • Chilly Halloween ahead

    Into The Tank…Thursday was a delightful weather day across the region, including sunshine and seasonable temperatures after the cold and frosty start.  Unfortunately, weather won’t be nearly that nice through the duration of our current 7-day forecast period.

    A cold front is marching east and will pass through the state from this morning to early afternoon (west to east).  A band of showers will accompany the frontal passage along with strong and gusty winds shifting to the north, and falling temperatures through the day.  Heavier coats will be required by this afternoon.

    The air will grow cold enough for lingering moisture to fall as scattered snow flurries Saturday into early Sunday.  – Novelty event only, but the first flakes of the season are always fun to see.  Otherwise, look for a cold and blustery weekend.  Wind chills will fall into the 20s this weekend.

    Flipping the page to next week, a reinforcing chilly air mass will settle into the region in time for Halloween.  While considerable cloudiness will be with us, trick-or-treat hours should be cold and dry.

    Our next storm system builds in the middle of next week with a chilly light rain overspreading the region by Wednesday.

    The 2017-2018 IndyWx.com Winter Outlook is now available!

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: Trace
    • Rainfall: 0.50″ – 0.75″

  • Wednesday Evening Weather Notebook; Frost On The Pumpkin Tonight…

    I.) Frost On The Pumpkin: Skies will clear tonight and winds will go calm.  Chilly high pressure will briefly build over the eastern Ohio Valley and lead to a calmer period of weather overnight into early Thursday morning.  The end result will be the first widespread frost of the season across central Indiana, including many dipping into the lower-to-middle 30s.

    II.  Gusty Thursday:  After a cold, calm start to our Thursday, southerly winds will become gusty late in the afternoon.  This is a result of an approaching cold front that will impact the region Friday.

    III.  Unseasonably Cold Weekend:  A cold front will pass Friday afternoon and a band of showers will accompany the frontal passage.  Winds will shift to the northwest late in the day and drive in a sharply colder close to the work week.  Air will grow cold enough to potentially support snow to mix in with the rain as precipitation comes to an end.  Additionally, upper level energy and the colder air mass this weekend (the air will have a bite to it) could support mixed rain and snow showers Sunday.  – Novelty stuff only, but those first flakes are always special to see.  Nonetheless, temperatures will run well below normal.  In fact, highs will be closer to our average low temperature this weekend.

    IV:  Reinforcing Halloween Chill:  We still stand firm on the idea of warm costumes being required this Halloween as chilly reinforcements blow into town Monday night.  This will result in Halloween featuring a high in the mid to upper 40s with lows Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning dipping to around freezing (upper 20s in outlying areas away from the metro).  Most of Trick-or-treat hours should feature temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

  • Chilly Air Reinforces Itself…


    • Afternoon showers
    • Patchy frost Thursday morning
    • Chilly air reinforcements

    Flannel Weather…Late October averages across central Indiana include highs in the lower 60s and lows in the lower 40s.  The balance of this forecast update will include temperatures well below those seasonal norms.  Have the coats, jackets, and flannel 🙂 at the ready!

    While early parts of our Wednesday could feature a couple looks at the sun, mostly cloudy conditions will dominate our hump day along with scattered afternoon showers.  Thursday will be a ‘tweener- morning frost will give way to more in the way of sunshine, with an increasingly gusty southwest breeze by the afternoon!

    Our next cold front will approach to close the work week.  Showers will spread into the state after a dry start to the day and a cold northwest wind will hit like a wall Friday evening.  Look for a sharply colder close to the day.

    A deep trough of low pressure will dominate our weekend, supplying the coldest air so far this season, along with considerable cloudiness. Spokes of upper level energy will rotate overhead and help generate a light shower or two, especially Sunday.  Yes, temperatures will be cold enough to allow for a little snow to mix in as well.

    Looking ahead to Halloween- reinforcing chilly air should be spilling south behind a Monday frontal passage and this will set the tone for chilly conditions as the trick-or-treaters take to the streets.  Plan to bundle up!

    The 2017-2018 IndyWx.com Winter Outlook is now available!

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: Trace
    • Rainfall: 0.25″ – 0.75″

  • Sunny Days; Pattern Change On The Horizon…


    • Extended stretch of dry, sunny weather
    • Late weekend cold front
    • Much colder close to the month looms

    Ideal, Crisp Fall Day…Sheltered, lower lying communities are waking up to temperatures in the middle and upper 30s this morning with patchy frost.  The rest of us are in the lower to middle 40s with just enough breeze preventing a deeper overnight fall.  All of us we’ll moderate into the mid and upper 60s this afternoon under a clear sky.  Those mostly sunny conditions will continue into mid and late week with moderating temperatures.

    Our next storm system will arrive during the second half of the weekend in the form of a cold front.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will move in Sunday afternoon and evening ahead of the front.  Cooler air will invade behind the frontal passage, but the true chilly stuff will press in early next week.  Speaking of chilly weather, medium and longer range data continues to paint a cold close to the month and open to November.  Warm costumes will be needed for trick-or-treating this year.

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: 0.00″
    • Rainfall: 0.25″ – 0.50″

  • Falling Temperatures Today; Dry Weather Returns…


    • Temperatures fall through the day
    • Sunshine returns this week
    • Pleasant stretch of weather ahead

    Jackets And Sweaters Required By This Afternoon…A cold front will continue to march east this morning and this will push a broken band of showers east through the state.  Rainfall amounts won’t be significant, but will be enough to be a nuisance on the way to church or brunch this morning.  This afternoon, we’ll notice an increasingly gusty breeze and falling temperatures.  While it’s mild this morning, it’ll feel much cooler as we progress through the afternoon and evening hours.  Jackets and sweaters will be required!

    High pressure will settle overhead for the upcoming week and this will lead to an extended period of dry, pleasant weather.  Temperatures will moderate from seasonably cool early-week to unseasonably mild by late-week.  As expected, the late September and early October warmth (particularly warm overnight lows) really stunted our fall foliage this year.  That said, the cool, calm nights ahead this week will be sufficient enough to at least ignite some of the remaining leaves on trees for what should be a couple weeks of “decent” color ahead.

    Longer term, there are big goings on behind the scenes that will help drive a dramatically different weather pattern to wrap up the month of October and head into November.  Heads up to the parents out there, you may want to nudge the kiddos into picking a warm costume this Halloween…

    Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

    • Snowfall: 0.00″
    • Rainfall: 0.10″ – 0.25″