Cold Turn After A Warm Month; Unsettled Week Ahead…

The past (7) days has featured a cold turn through the central in the face of a warm October up to this point.

The upcoming few days will feature additional unseasonably chilly conditions before moderating through the second half of the week.

This will feature a hard freeze for central Indiana tonight.  We dipped to the first 32° temperature of the season here at HQ this morning and will likely beat that Halloween morning.  Widespread upper 20s to around 30° can be expected.

This cold air is thanks to a cold front and reinforcing chill that will feature a band of showers that scoots through the state late morning into the early afternoon.

Rainfall amounts won’t be significant and feature totals between 0.10″ to 0.20″ through most of central Indiana.

Unsettled weather will return late week and through the upcoming weekend, but temperatures will moderate and return to levels that are above average.  There are indications cold will push again in the 8-10 day period, but a warmer pattern will engulf our region during the medium range period and feature temperatures that will reach the 60s by Thursday and Friday.

The warmer conditions will also come with rain.  A “wavy” cold front will approach late week with showers before returning north as a warm front late in the weekend.  Finally, this frontal boundary will push southeast early next week with cold air returning.  With the movement and stubborn nature of the front, expect a prolonged duration of unsettled conditions.  It won’t rain the entire time, but we’ll keep showers in our forecast beginning Wednesday into the weekend.