Wet Start To The Work Week; Keeping A Close Eye On Harvey…


  • Wet open to the work week
  • Late week backdoor cold front
  • Where will Harvey’s remnants track?

More Active Week Of Weather Than We’ve Seen In Some Time…When you factor in upper level energy kicking up showers and embedded thunder early this week, a backdoor cold front Thursday, and potentially dealing with the remnants of Harvey by the weekend, then you have the makings for much more active times than we’ve seen in months.  Before we move forward, we must say the weekend forecast is incredibly difficult and confidence is very low at the moment with any one particular scenario concerning Harvey’s remnants.  It’ll be important to keep a close eye on the forecast as we progress through the next few days.

Showers this morning are associated with upper level energy tracking east across the Ohio Valley.  While additional scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible through Tuesday, there’ll be more dry time than wet.  Wednesday will be a day in between storm systems.  A backdoor cold front will slip into the state Thursday.  A widely scattered thunderstorm is possible as the front moves south followed by a cooler close to the work week.

Looking ahead to the weekend, models continue to suggest Harvey’s remnants will eventually begin to track north, northeast.  There will be a limit to the northward extent of Harvey’s moisture before an approaching strong cold front (same one that will deliver the coolest air here since last spring) and associated deep trough “shoves” him east.  We’ll take a blend of data at this point and mention showers Saturday and Sunday as moisture from Harvey makes it into the Ohio Valley.  With that said, the solutions still range from “dry” to “heavy rain” and we’ll have to fine tune things as we move forward.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • Snowfall: 0.00″
  • Rainfall: 0.75″ – 1.25″