Quick Thursday Morning Comment…

Good morning, friends!  Temperatures this morning are in the lower 50s for many across central Indiana as our “hint” of fall continues to wrap up the month of August.  I wanted to touch base briefly this morning as it’s been a very busy week, and a more extensive post will hit late today.

Some items we’re watching in the days and weeks ahead:

I. Harvey- the environment is one that should result in strengthening today and tomorrow (and possible rapid intensification at that).  Folks who live along the TX coast or have interests in the region should prepare now.  In addition to flooding concerns, wind and surge is also now a concern as intensification gets underway.  We have a long, long way to go in determining exactly where Harvey finds his “way out.”  Portions of the Ohio Valley are certainly on the table for potential rain impacts late next week as another trough  digs in and brings what’s left of Harvey northeast.

II.  JMA Weeklies-  new JMA Weeklies are in and they paint an unseasonably cool pattern, locally, into mid and late September.  It’s hard to disagree with this as it settles the mean trough position into the Mid West, with the mean ridge position located across the Northwest region.  There’s also some reflection of a weaker ridge across the Northeast.  In short, it’s a pattern that favors blasts of early fall-like air to continue drilling south into the region as we move into September.

Much more later today!  Make it a good one, friends!