Wet, Chilly Second Half Of The Weekend…

We’ve still got time to soak up this superb Saturday weather, but clouds will continue to increase from now through sunset- eventually lowering and thickening tonight.  Temperatures have moderated under the early August sun from the crisp start in the lower 50s for most, but we’re still around 10° below average this afternoon.

Sunday will feature rather damp and unseasonably cool conditions.  The day will start dry (going to take a little while to moisten up the air mass), but showers will arrive on the scene mid-to-late morning.

As we progress into the afternoon and evening hours, showers will expand in coverage and intensity to more of a widespread, uniform type rain event.  A good ole-fashioned soaking appears to be in the works Sunday afternoon-evening.

When you factor in an already established unseasonably cool pattern with our approaching rain event then you have the makings for another early October-like feel Sunday that will feature temperatures struggling to make it out of the 60s for highs.

By the time the rain comes to an end Monday morning we think most central IN gauges can expect to pick up 0.75″ – 1″ of rain, but there will be locally heavier amounts under any thunderstorm that develops.  Drier weather will return Monday afternoon and continue through the middle of next week.