Increasingly Hot And Humid…


  • Increasingly hot and humid
  • Isolated storm coverage becomes more widespread
  • Relief next week

Air You Can Wear…The big weather story will be the increasingly hot and humid feel as we progress through the week and on into the weekend.  The combination of dew points in the 70s and wet soils across the state should “beat back” the heat from getting to where it otherwise could (mid-upper 90s), but it’ll feel oppressive, nonetheless.  Plan to hydrate and wear cool, lightweight clothing if you plan to be outdoors for any length of time.

While we can’t completely rule out a renegade storm through Friday, most neighborhoods will remain free of any rain through the remainder of the work week.  Better coverage of showers and thunderstorms will increase over the weekend into early next week as the transition from hot, humid weather begins to give way to a more pleasant feel.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • Snowfall: 0.00″
  • Rainfall: 0.50″ – 1.00″