Monday Morning Rambles…

1.)  July, MTD, is running slightly cooler (- 0.1°) and much wetter (+ 2.31″) than average across the region.

2.)  While the radar is rain and storm-free this morning, a left over boundary, combined with daytime heating will help spark isolated to widely scattered storm coverage this afternoon.

3.)  The big weather story this week will be an increasingly hot and humid feel once to mid and late week, including the weekend.  While today will continue the theme of slightly cooler than average from the weekend, we’ll more than make up for the refreshing feel later this week.  Highs will push to around 90° Wednesday through Sunday as the ridge expands.

4.)  Despite the hot and humid feel that develops this week, it won’t last.  Like so many other times this summer that heat tries to build east, the transient weather pattern will continue to prevent it from “hitting and holding.”  You guessed it, as we transition from the hot conditions to cooler weather next week, rain and storm chances will be on the increase, including the potential of heavy rain.  As of now, best rain and storm chances appear lined up for late week through the weekend and into early next week.