Showers Today; Weekend Freeze…


  • Damp weather at times later today
  • Dry, cool weather returns
  • Weekend freeze

Election Day Showers…The morning is starting off dry across central IN, but showers will increase later today- especially this afternoon.  Rainfall totals won’t be impressive and most neighborhoods should check-in with 0.10″-0.25″ by evening. Drier, cooler air will work in tonight and set up a very pleasant mid week stretch as the cold front sweeps southeast.

Reinforcing cool air will blow into town Friday evening and result in back-to-back freezes this weekend.  Many away from the city can expect to dip into the upper 20s Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Highs will likely remain in the 40s Saturday.  Dry skies will continue through the remainder of the period.

Upcoming 7-Day Precipitation Forecast:

  • Snowfall: 0.00″
  • Rainfall: 0.10″ – 0.25″