September: Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going…

Month-to-date, September has been a warm (+3.5 degrees) and wet (+1.17″) month across central Indiana.

month-tdevmonth-ppercThe warmth continues in the days ahead, but we’re going to run much drier, overall, as strong ridging remains the dominant factor through late week.


cfs_tprecip_anom_conus_2016092000_21The past (90) days have featured hefty rains across the Mid West.

nws_precip_conus2_90Late season heat will grip most of the east over the upcoming (7) days. Note those population areas (nearly 90% of the lower 48) to experience at, or above, 80 degree heat between now and next Tuesday. Even areas into the Lakes and New England get in on the late summer feel.

ndfd_pop_over_80_8In the shorter term, an isolated shower is possible this evening, but most should remain dry as the air is very dry across the region.

hires_ref_indy_16The upper air pattern features strong ridging over the central and east over the upcoming several days. A cold front and associated trough will deliver cooler air by the early to middle part of next week.




4In between the warmth and pending cooler, more fall-like, air will be a round of scattered showers and thunderstorms early next week. Modeling differs on precipitation amounts, but, as of now, heavy rains aren’t looking likely.

gefs_qpf_ens_ky_33As mentioned, early to middle parts of next week should feature temperatures much closer to where we should be this time of year, if not a few degrees below average.