Periods Of Heavy Rain…

Saturday will dawn dry across the region, but that will quickly begin to change as morning progresses into afternoon. Moisture is streaming north and a “wavy” frontal system will remain draped across our region through the weekend into early next week before a surface low finally sweeps a cold front through here Monday evening.

Forecast radar, courtesy of, shows rain expanding in coverage this afternoon.

Periods of heavy rain will fall across the region between this afternoon and Monday. 

We note precipitable water reaches in excess of 1.5″ and adds to our confidence of heavy rain coming. Note also the true GOM connection with this storm system.

Models agree on heavy to excessive rains falling with widespread storm totals between 3″-5″.

The storm system will finally begin to pull away Monday night, leaving drier, breezy, and cooler air in it’s wake. 

The true push of cold air awaits until the end of the week.

Your full 7-day outlook can be found here.